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We help remove the financial worry out of retiring. Through exploring our clients’ retirement goals, income needs, risk tolerances, investment options, and retirement timing we help them focus on enjoying their retirement. Tax planning is a part of our practice to help you maximize your savings. We know it doesn’t matter how much money you have but how much you keep.

We provide FINANCIAL INVESTMENT SERVICES, TAX PREPARATION and TAX PLANNING for individuals, business and corporate clients. We also offer a full line of BOOKKEEPING, PAYROLL and PROBATE Services.

Our goal at Hess Financial Planning is to provide tailored services that meet you where you are and help you grow to where you want to be. This requires an astute understanding of your needs and goals, as well as trends in the economy, current financial opportunities and the current tax law. By getting to know you, we are able to present appropriate financial, tax, and business solutions.

Why Choose Us?

We Have The Experience

We have provided financial advising services since 1994 and tax preparation since 1974. Our commitment to annual ongoing professional education allows us to provide accurate, timely, and current advice in each area of our practice.

Multiple Services!

We have staff dedicated to get you the help you need when you need it. Financial advising, tax preparation, tax planning, bookkeeping, payroll and probate services are critical for your financial success. Wherever your financial needs take you, we are prepared to help.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our clients are family. We treat them the way we want to be treated. We strive to provide our clients with solutions that help them grow to where they desire to be. We work together focused on your plans and goals as our guide.


Hess Financial Planning provides individual and business financial advising through plan based objectives. We help answer important questions about your financial future:

How will my children pay for college?
How much do I need to save for retirement?
How can I manage my debt to prepare for the future?
Can I afford the "dream" I have?
What does retirement mean to me?
When can I retire?
Do I have to worry about the financial aspects of my retirement?
Will I outlive my money?
How do I leave my family my assets?
How do I provide my employees with a retirement plan?

Funding plans through appropriately managed portfolios of stocks, mutual funds, annuities (variable, fixed and indexed), bonds, CDs, and other vehicles allows us to tailor the answers to what is most important to our clients.


Hess Tax & Accounting Group has been involved in TAX PREPARATION since 1974. We offer TAX PREPARATION for individuals, business, and corporate clients, including:

Individual 1040 Returns
Refunds in 8-10 days
Electronic Filing
All States Tax Returns
Business and Corporate Returns
Fiduciary Returns (Form 1041)
Form 5500 Returns
Estimated Tax Calculations
Electronic Filing of Self-Prepared Returns

Remember, overlooking one deduction could cost you more than our preparation fee.


We offer year-round Tax Planning including:

Self-employed Estimated Taxes
Capital Gain Calculation & Tax Estimate
Retirement Account Early Withdrawal Tax Estimate
Business Succession
Business Purchase
Balance Sheet Preparation
Income & Revenue Statement Preparation
Business Entity Election
LLC Formation

Many times, individuals can reduce the tax consequences of changes (such as home sales, stock sales, 401k withdrawals, etc.) with a little planning beforehand.

Business and corporate taxpayers should review their tax liabilities at a minimum of once per quarter and should always consult a Tax Advisor before making major transactions.

Hess Tax & Accounting Group recognizes the need for TAX PLANNING and work with our clients to maximize tax savings.


Hess Tax & Accounting Group has been in the BOOKKEEPING business since 1978. These services include:

Monthly Profit and Loss Statement
Sales Tax Reports
Reconcile Bank Statements
Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Payroll Reporting
Comparative Reports
Accounts Payable Service
Accounts Receivable Service
Business Analysis

Business clients can deliver their bank statements, check stubs, and other records by e-mail, mail, personally deliver, or have them picked up by Hess Tax & Accounting Group each month. Reports and materials can then be delivered in the same manner.


Hess Tax & Accounting Group has been offering PAYROLL SERVICES since 1981. We provide:

Payroll Check Writing
Timecard Calculations
After-The-Fact Payroll
Quarterly Reports
W-2’s and Annual Reports

Employers can e-mail, call, fax, mail, or deliver their timecards or calculated hours to Hess Tax & Accounting Group each pay period.
We provide direct deposit options. Or printed checks can be returned, mailed back to the employer or to each employee or be available for pick up when scheduled.


Hess Tax & Accounting Group provides PROBATE filing for when you need help the most. From the beginning to the end of the process, we will guide and prepare all documents required by the Probate Court. We also assist in any TRANSFER of ownership of securities. We strive to make this process easier for our clients.

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