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Chuck Loughry

Chuck Loughry

Senior Accountant

Chuck Loughry joined Nichols Hess & Associates in 2007 and is the Senior Tax and Accounting Advisor for the firm.  Chuck has a vast array of knowledge in the tax law that allows him to advise and prepare tax returns for nearly every type of client.  He prepares individual, corporate, partnership, fiduciary, estate, non-profit, gift, as well as, foreign individual and foreign business entity tax returns.   One of the unique perspectives that Chuck brings to the table for his clients is educating them and helping them make informed decisions through a detailed planning process.  He believes that if the client has a key understanding and knowledge of their overall tax situation, which many times can contain multiple layers, the client will be able to make informed decisions and implement tax strategies that can help them not only reduce their overall tax liability but increase overall wealth.

Chuck also manages the bookkeeping and payroll services of the firm.  He advises clients on the services the firm can provide to help clients stay in compliance with all the federal and state reporting requirements.  Chuck is very proficient with QuickBooks Software, including QuickBooks Online and consults with small business clients in helping them get started as well as maintain their books throughout the year.  He also consults with clients in helping them establish proper internal controls whether it is for their businesses, churches, or non-profits.  Chuck also has an extensive auditing background in which he uses to help clients prepare for annual audits and reviews.

Chuck has earned two undergraduate degrees from Winthrop University in Financial Management and Accounting.  He obtained his MBA from Winthrop University as well, with a concentration in Accounting & Taxation.  Chuck completes over 40 hours of Continuing Education each year.

Chuck, and his wife Rhonda, live on the north side of Lancaster near Indian Land.  They have two daughters, one of whom is married, and the other attends college.